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By the book or off the track

Our tours will show you the best parts of Holland. Perhaps you have your own plan, or maybe you want us to put together a tour based on your interests. In both cases, your chauffeur will add something extra to your excursion. He'll show you details that can't be found in any tour book, and will bring you places that busses full of tourists can't go. Thanks to special routes, original alternatives and personalized information, this won't be a standard tour. It will be an unforgettable journey of discovery through the Netherlands.

City and country tours

Your stay in Holland may be short, but perhaps you'd still like to get to know our culture, nature, architecture or history. Ask your chauffeur to show you Amsterdam and the surrounding countryside, as well. Just a few kilometers from the capital city, you'll find splendid villages where time seems to stand still. But of course, there is also much more to see and do. That's why it's great that Holland is so small. You can see a lot in just a little time. We're also just about an hour's drive from our neighbors in beautiful Belgium.

Take tours through The Netherlands