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The Keukenhof Garden Tour

Keukenhof garden tour

Keukenhof is one of the highlights of the Netherlands in the springtime. The park attracts more than 1.5 million visitors in the few months that it is open. During March, April and May, around 7 million flower bulbs will bloom. Discover this unique and unforgettable experience with the comfort of Car Service Amsterdam.

What will you see in Keukenhof?

The garden itself is known around the world for the wide varieties and large numbers of tulips. More than 800 different tulip varieties can be found in the spacious, 32-hectare park. It might come in handy to know that there are five indoor gardens, considering that this is the Netherlands, and we do not always have sunny weather. And the gardens contain more than just flowers. Each spring, new sculptures are added to the Keukenhof art collection. Keukenhof invites various artists to display their works, right among the flowers.

There are lots of attractions for children at Keukenhof. First, the petting zoo with rabbits, turkeys and sheep. This, together with various playgrounds, a scavenger hunt and a hedge maze, makes Keukenhof absolutely child friendly.

Those who wish to bring their dogs to the park are also welcome, as long as the dogs are leashed. And of course, dog owners are expected to clean up after their pets.

A private journey to Keukenhof

The gardens are located in Lisse, a short distance from Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague or Rotterdam. However, Keukenhof is accessible from anywhere in the country.

Enjoy the comfort of one of our cars and transform travel time into working or relaxing time. Our drivers are familiar with the best times to visit Keukenhof. Car Service Amsterdam will help you avoid long lines and busy crowds when you plan your tour. We can also buy the tickets for you.

A local driver offers more advantages than just the comfort of not waiting in line and a comfortable car. Car Service Amsterdam makes sure that you have all the helpful advice and sightseeing tips you need to make your tour truly unique – including tips not available on maps or in travel books. You’ll arrive at the park in comfort, and start your day with a smile. Of course, we’ll be waiting to bring you back after you’re finished touring the park.

Book your ride to Keukenhof

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