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Business Transport

Car Service Amsterdam wherever you are

A remote industrial terrain or a busy city center. The airport or your office. Or of course, your home. Wherever you want to be picked up, our drivers will be at the door, right on time, to bring you efficiently to your destination. We have more than twenty years' experience with exclusive transport, and have handled countless road shows. That's why we know the roads like the back of our hands, and can manoeuvre effortlessly through the corporate network. Even blindfolded, we can find the entrance to every (head) office in the Benelux.

Car Service Amsterdam

Discretion guaranteed

Car Service Amsterdam regularly chauffeurs passengers with big (business) interests. From Heads of State to celebrities, and from CEOs to politicians. Busy people for whom every ride is an opportunity to get work done. Certainly, everything you discuss will remain within our six windows. It is important to us that you feel free to do what you need - or want - to do: work, call, or relax. Our chauffeurs can sense it if you're in the mood for a chat, or if you've got something else on your mind. The drivers themselves will never eat, drink or make phone calls. We have one job: to reach your destination safely and on time.

Safety first

The chauffeurs at Car Service Amsterdam have grown along with modern metropolitan traffic. They'll guide you smoothly through it. With outstanding vehicle control, excellent anticipation skills and constant attention to the time factor. These are all characteristics of their PDS Professional Driving Solutions training.

A base of luxury

Our standards for style and comfort are easy to explain. You'll always be transported in a Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Spotlessly clean, inside and out. Perfectly maintained. WiFi on board. And a longer wheel base, so you have more room in the back to work or relax. Car Service Amsterdam makes no concessions in your choice for a luxury transport service.